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About Attorney Frechette

More Than Just an Attorney

I have been practicing law for 25 years. Since 1996, I have litigated criminal defense cases, plaintiffs and defendants’ personal injury cases, civil rights cases, breach of contract cases, and have argued appellate cases in U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals and the Vermont Supreme Court, as well as counseling clients on estate planning, probate law, contract negotiations, land use law and public land & environmental law. My focus is on criminal defense, most of which consists of DUI defense, civil matters, estate planning and appellate law.
As a practical and personal matter, I aim to treat each and every client as the unique person he or she deserves to be treated -- with respect, straight-talk and with the understanding that his/her case is not just a file but represents extremely important interests of a fellow human being. Each person deserves my hardest efforts, a willingness and ability to fight the good fight, creative thought, and as much time and effort to ensure the best possible outcome. I approach the practice of law from the practical and realistic perspective of my clients while maintaining the utmost respect for the rule of law, our Constitution as well as for those who are privileged enough to administer these important institutions.
As George Eliot once wrote: "What do we live for but to make like less difficult for each other," one cannot overlook the fact that life can be extraordinarily difficult for all from time to time. And secondly, because the rule of law is the bedrock of our civilization, the practice of law merges two of what I consider the most profound and honorable labors of love - protecting and furthering our individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution for present and future generations while being uniquely positioned to simply help others. I am extremely fortunate and humbled to be able to make a living in such a way because I love what I do, and I find that my clients benefit from this.
- Franz P. Frechette, Esq.

Reviewing the Law
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